Gluten free strawberry crumble

Although we are not on a restricted gluten free diet, I like to explore different possibilities for gluten, when I can. It also seems that going gluten free greatly improves my husband's control of his diabetes. Spring in the air, fruits are looking better and better every day, I found this amazing recipe here, and… Continue reading Gluten free strawberry crumble

Strawberry and spiced chai tea sorbet – Frozen treat to make before summer is over

I've been experimenting with ice creams and sorbets all through this summer and loving it. I thought it would be my first step towards making my mind about buying an ice cream maker. I had lots of fun and my food processor did the job, so far. I am a big sorbet fan. I find… Continue reading Strawberry and spiced chai tea sorbet – Frozen treat to make before summer is over

White chocolate and coconut strawberries

I was so successful with my chocolate strawberries for Valentine's that I had to make them again last weekend when we had company for dinner. Talking about a favorite that also fits my husband's ongoing diabetes-friendly diet! A couple of tricks will help to cut the sugar down, if you need to: dip just half… Continue reading White chocolate and coconut strawberries

Light raspberry mousse – healthy dessert

light raspberry mousse

For many years my mom would make this dessert for my birthday dinner. She would do with prunes and a fine custard on top. Not too sweet, I was never a big fan of super sweet desserts that are very popular in Brazil, but light and tasty, perfect for the December summer weather down there.… Continue reading Light raspberry mousse – healthy dessert