Hot and sour mushroom and tofu soup

For the cold days ahead of us, this soup fills all the requisites: light and filling, packed with protein from the tofu and egg that go along so well  with the 2 varieties of mushrooms. A rich broth made with chillies, ginger and garlic adds heat and a spicy oriental flare to the soup. The… Continue reading Hot and sour mushroom and tofu soup

“Get better” chicken soup with home made broth and Klosse dumplings

  I guess everybody has a favorite "get better" soup for those sick days when we feel like collapsing in the couch and ever moving again. I always think of my best friend's remedy for those days: a hot bath, fresh clean white sheets in your bed and chicken soup. Ideally somebody does it all… Continue reading “Get better” chicken soup with home made broth and Klosse dumplings

Cheesy and creamy light cauliflower soup

I've moved many times in my life and eventually left my country. Now, Canada is home for me. Visiting São Paulo, Brazil, last month I noticed how much I love almost any food I eat there. The food I've had there has been shaped in my heart, more so than in my taste buds. And… Continue reading Cheesy and creamy light cauliflower soup

Light creamy chicken soup

Weekend ahead of us, time to catch up with life and enjoy the coziness of home while the outside temperatures keep falling down. And then nothing better than a hearty and homy soup, creamy enough to make for a simple and nice Saturday dinner, with maybe some fresh bread, a green salad and a glass… Continue reading Light creamy chicken soup