Healthy banana muffins

Finally I got some very ripe bananas to try out Martha Stewart's muffin recipes. Once again, Ms Stewart was so on top of things for this recipe, always properly tested, the muffins turned out perfect and delicious, as everything that comes out of her empire. Anyway, ripe bananas, whole wheat flour, brown sugar, that can… Continue reading Healthy banana muffins

Oatmeal French breakfast muffins

Cold out, around -10C without the wind effect, sunny Sunday screaming for a lazy morning to get the day started: fresh coffee and steaming hot Oatmeal French Muffins with butter. Don't think I need to write anything else. They fill the bill for moist, healthy and carb conscious. Gotta go eat them! Oatmeal French Breakfast… Continue reading Oatmeal French breakfast muffins

Unforgettable raisins and jam muffins

It can't be helped. Christmas nostalgia is hitting me. But before I start crying for help or digging into a chocolate box or turning the DVD on Love actually, I headed to my mom's cookbook (which is falling to pieces) and decided to bake some of her famous muffins and post it right away to… Continue reading Unforgettable raisins and jam muffins

Sweet potato muffins with crunchy topping

I love baking muffins and trying different recipes, meaning also, finding healthy and tasty ones. I like to look around in my kitchen and find an ingredient that would fit the bill. Yesterday was sweet potatoes, I found 2 on my counter top and after 10 min "pinteresting" I found several recipes for sweet potato… Continue reading Sweet potato muffins with crunchy topping

Coconut and blueberry healthy muffin

And here I am after a unsuccessful weekend of exploring new possibilities in the kitchen - thinking I would have a fresh and exciting posting to keep going on my quest for daily posts in November - got overwhelmed with the mess I made, frustrated, dead tired and "postless". lol I should know it better,… Continue reading Coconut and blueberry healthy muffin