Strawberry and spiced chai tea sorbet – Frozen treat to make before summer is over

I've been experimenting with ice creams and sorbets all through this summer and loving it. I thought it would be my first step towards making my mind about buying an ice cream maker. I had lots of fun and my food processor did the job, so far. I am a big sorbet fan. I find… Continue reading Strawberry and spiced chai tea sorbet – Frozen treat to make before summer is over

White chocolate and coconut strawberries

I was so successful with my chocolate strawberries for Valentine's that I had to make them again last weekend when we had company for dinner. Talking about a favorite that also fits my husband's ongoing diabetes-friendly diet! A couple of tricks will help to cut the sugar down, if you need to: dip just half… Continue reading White chocolate and coconut strawberries

Light coconut pudding with prune sauce

This is a great light dessert, or snack, similar to the ready-made puddings, but with lots of flavor, all the goodness of coconut and additives free. Aim for a good quality coconut milk and use the light version if you want to cut on calories. Easy to make, I normally use small bowls and keep… Continue reading Light coconut pudding with prune sauce

Tofu chocolate mousse – healthy and the fastest ever

I've seen Michael Smith preparing this dessert on TV a long time ago and have been willing to try it. He called it "the world's fastest chocolate mousse". It is like magic, so fast and so nutritious and yummy and made with only 2 ingredients! Before I decided to post it I made sure to… Continue reading Tofu chocolate mousse – healthy and the fastest ever