Chocolate, honey and ginger fragrant squares (Pão de mel) and my 100th post!

So happy that pretty things have come together in this almost one year of blogging and this is my 100th post! I've learned so much about food, blogging and myself, met wonderful people and made my family healthier and happier with my cooking. Goal achieved and enthusiasm increased! So I chose a chocolate and honey… Continue reading Chocolate, honey and ginger fragrant squares (Pão de mel) and my 100th post!

Chocolate crackle fabulous cookies

Pretty, easy, scrumptious, simple, so sweet and so soft, luscious, pretty, simple, indulgent, festive, decadent, pretty and pretty. And super yummy! Now to the recipe because everybody is too busy this week to be reading long postings. I got this recipe from The hungry artist blog, who has adapted it from Martha Stewart, by halving… Continue reading Chocolate crackle fabulous cookies

Chocolate shortbread cookies with pretty icing

There is something so nice about baking cookies at Christmas time. Cold out, getting dark so early, the smell of something baking in the oven helps to cheer the senses and brings that calm feeling of being grateful for the little things we can do at home, so many of them. Peace, space, sense of… Continue reading Chocolate shortbread cookies with pretty icing

Tofu chocolate mousse – healthy and the fastest ever

I've seen Michael Smith preparing this dessert on TV a long time ago and have been willing to try it. He called it "the world's fastest chocolate mousse". It is like magic, so fast and so nutritious and yummy and made with only 2 ingredients! Before I decided to post it I made sure to… Continue reading Tofu chocolate mousse – healthy and the fastest ever