Milk buns from Heaven

  I found this recipe in the House & Home magazine, from chef Eric Vellend. I was planning to try the technique of baking bread with a steaming water tray in the bottom of the oven, to get the glossy brown crust for a while and had the opportunity to do so with this recipe.… Continue reading Milk buns from Heaven

The magic of a crispy and fresh no knead bread

I finally did it! I've been waiting for a long time to try a "no knead" bread recipe. I mean, a long time, years actually. I waited until I made one of my most precious kitchen investments and purchased my Le Creuset - Round French oven pan . I was persistent and lucky enough to… Continue reading The magic of a crispy and fresh no knead bread

Cheesy puffs or better yet: “Pão de queijo”

This is my ultimate treat! I am so excited I finally got this recipe perfectly and I can share it now! I've been trying different recipes for a while and eventually found the perfect one here. Pão de queijo (cheese buns) or cheesy puffs, as I am calling them, are the Brazilian equivalent of North… Continue reading Cheesy puffs or better yet: “Pão de queijo”