List of Recipes


Light eggs Benedict

Fluffy pancakes with berries sauce


Healthy banana, oats and chocolate chips cookies – no flour added

Healthy whole wheat, oats and raisins cookies

Flourless almond and chocolate chips cookies

Chocolate shortbread cookies with pretty icing

Crazy for almonds cookies

Chocolate crackle fabulous cookies


Ice cream & avocado dessert

White chocolate and coconut dipped strawberries

Ice cream and papaya dessert

Light raspberry mousse dessert

Tofu chocolate mousse

Chocolate dipped strawberry and apples bites

Birthday cup cakes

Christmas vanilla cup cakes

Light coconut pudding with prune sauce

Easy blueberry pie

Apple pie with priceless tips from Anna Olson


Drinks, smoothies, frozen treats and shakes

Raspberry, cashew and Greek yogurt smoothie

Papaya, ginger and coconut smoothie

Avocado and Maca shake for breakfast

Sweet tomato juice

Coconut Popsicles – light

Detox papaya – ginger and Maca-belly-fat-reducer juice

Blueberry, banana and flex seed smoothie

Pineapple and kiwi juice – immune system booster


Whole grain Morning glory muffin

Apple and white chocolate chips muffins

Melt in your mouth blueberry muffins

Triple chocolate, diabetes friendly,carb conscious muffins

Strawberry and yogurt healthy muffins

Apple and pumpkin muffins

Super healthy apple muffins

Unforgettable raisin and jam muffins

All bran apple, cranberry muffins

Coconut and blueberry healthy muffin

Sweet potato muffin with a crunchy topping

Eggnog whole wheat festive muffins

Cakes, cup cakes and breads

Birthday cup cakes

Zucchini and orange loaf

Cheesy puffs or better yet, Pão de queijo

Vanilla Christmas cup cake

Carrot cake with chocolate icing


Arugula and papaya salad with ginger dressing

Festive quinoa, cranberry and apricot salad

Tabbouleh salad

Quinoa Caprise salad to go

Delicate escarole and fruit salad

Quinoa, avocado and light cheese salad

Fennel salad, cauliflower slaw and green beans salad

Crunchy veggie mousse salad

Lunch and brunch ideas

Tofu veggie burgers

Palm heart and leek light quiche


Make ahead dinners

Sweet potato gnocchi with mushroom sauce

Turkey meat loaf wrapped in bacon

Chicken pot pie with puffy crust

Eggplant stuffed with spicy beef

Must try fall meat loaf

Beef and sweet potato stew – healthy and comfy, cooked in the pressure cooker

Oven baked light chicken meat balls

Veal chops in reduced balsamic


Light creamy chicken soup

Silky sweet potato soup

White asparagus cream soup

“Get better” chicken soup with home made broth

Tomato soup my grandma style

Cold peach soup (Peach gaspacho)

Cheesy light cauli flower soup

Hot and sour mushroom and tofu soup

Sea food and fish

Oven baked Parmesan tilapia

Cajun sea food vol au vents

Sea food pasta dinner

Valentine’s lobster tails

White fish, mushroom and Camembert pappilote

Whole wheat pasta with shrimp and buffala mozzarella

Spicy Shrimp in lemongrass sticks

Side dishes

Brown rice with bacon and green onions

Crunchy veggies with sweet potato and walnuts

Basil tomato sauce

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