Cream of carrots soup

I didn't know a carrot soup could be so decadent until I tried this one. Carrots are cooked with milk, which brings the creaminess that elevates this hearty soup to another level. I adapted from a recipe from Canadian chef Ricardo Larivée , adding some fennel to break up the sweetness of the carrots and… Continue reading Cream of carrots soup

Delicate escarole & fruit salad : Weekly photo challenge post

I love the word "delicate". I think it applies to almost anything that is nice, pretty and grand in life. It adds the exact texture to uncontrolled emotions, surprising events and violent tragedies. In these last decades when being aggressive and competitive has become the "raison d'être" in western society, delicacy might be an alternative… Continue reading Delicate escarole & fruit salad : Weekly photo challenge post

Light creamy chicken soup

Weekend ahead of us, time to catch up with life and enjoy the coziness of home while the outside temperatures keep falling down. And then nothing better than a hearty and homy soup, creamy enough to make for a simple and nice Saturday dinner, with maybe some fresh bread, a green salad and a glass… Continue reading Light creamy chicken soup

Festive quinoa salad with cranberry and apricot

I am not sure if I like the way we are being rushed into Christmas. It is already everywhere as soon as November starts. Actually even before Halloween was gone, many stores had their Christmas inventory out. It can be a nice way to enjoy the holidays and all the preparation required, that to me,… Continue reading Festive quinoa salad with cranberry and apricot

Tabbouleh Salad – crunchy, healthy, fresh!

Tabbouleh is a Lebanese salad made up with bulgur, tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and green onions. And with a very important touch: mint. The dressing is simple, lemon juice and olive oil with a dash of salt. Soak the bulgur over night or at least for 4 hours, add the chopped vegetables and dressing and it's… Continue reading Tabbouleh Salad – crunchy, healthy, fresh!