Avocado healthy dessert

I've been obsessed with avocado lately, I have to admit. But I promise I will stop talking about it after this dessert. At least for a while lol. Healthy and light and extremely filling, 1/2 cup makes it just right and it is ready in 5 minutes. If you are looking for healthy desserts this… Continue reading Avocado healthy dessert

Ice cream & avocado dessert

If you like avocados you need to try this dessert! Simple, light and cool for the not so many days of summer that we still have ahead of us. I always loved milk shakes made with avocado and milk, this time I thought I would add ice cream to get something similar to my Papaya… Continue reading Ice cream & avocado dessert

Ice cream & papaya dessert

This is our favorite dessert for the summer, of for a fast light dessert, simple, easy, fast preparation, a big hit! Combine vanilla ice cream, or frozen yogurt, with papaya, blend it, add a splash of Cassis liqueur and you will have the tastier and more exotic dessert ever! Ice cream and papaya dessert 1… Continue reading Ice cream & papaya dessert