Fresh mint jelly

With the end of summer and a full supply of fresh mint from my backyard, I decided to make some mint jam. We love lamb and having home made mint jam always available seemed to be the right thing to do. Of course there are lots of other ways to use it but for us… Continue reading Fresh mint jelly

Delicate escarole & fruit salad : Weekly photo challenge post

I love the word "delicate". I think it applies to almost anything that is nice, pretty and grand in life. It adds the exact texture to uncontrolled emotions, surprising events and violent tragedies. In these last decades when being aggressive and competitive has become the "raison d'ĂȘtre" in western society, delicacy might be an alternative… Continue reading Delicate escarole & fruit salad : Weekly photo challenge post

Pineapple and kiwi juice – immune system booster

Winter coming ahead of us and with that, flu season in its way too. We all have been there... You've done your homework, got your flu shot (free for us, lucky Canadians), bought your Vitamin D, but it doesn't hurt to get some help from a yummy boost of vitamin C, just in case, with… Continue reading Pineapple and kiwi juice – immune system booster

Tofu chocolate mousse – healthy and the fastest ever

I've seen Michael Smith preparing this dessert on TV a long time ago and have been willing to try it. He called it "the world's fastest chocolate mousse". It is like magic, so fast and so nutritious and yummy and made with only 2 ingredients! Before I decided to post it I made sure to… Continue reading Tofu chocolate mousse – healthy and the fastest ever

Eggplant stuffed with spicy beef

Funny how some dishes that you used to hate as a kid just needed some re-invention to make you love them! That's what happened with this recipe. I grew up hating this dish until I made it my own, re created my way and now it is one of my favorites! I really can't praise… Continue reading Eggplant stuffed with spicy beef