Crazy for almonds cookies

If you are like me you've kept some holidays cookies in the freezer for that tea and cookies afternoon with friends that pop up later in the month to say Happy New Year. And my ever favorite "Crazy for almonds cookies", as certainly I am, came very handy for a nice green tea and cookies… Continue reading Crazy for almonds cookies

Chocolate crackle fabulous cookies

Pretty, easy, scrumptious, simple, so sweet and so soft, luscious, pretty, simple, indulgent, festive, decadent, pretty and pretty. And super yummy! Now to the recipe because everybody is too busy this week to be reading long postings. I got this recipe from The hungry artist blog, who has adapted it from Martha Stewart, by halving… Continue reading Chocolate crackle fabulous cookies

Unforgettable raisins and jam muffins

It can't be helped. Christmas nostalgia is hitting me. But before I start crying for help or digging into a chocolate box or turning the DVD on Love actually, I headed to my mom's cookbook (which is falling to pieces) and decided to bake some of her famous muffins and post it right away to… Continue reading Unforgettable raisins and jam muffins

Eggnog festive muffins – whole wheat version

This is a simple festive muffin recipe if you are a eggnog fan. They are rich and filling, perfect for the holiday season with the icing adding the festive edge and making it so pretty! Actually I thought next time instead of baking 12 large muffins, I will divide the batter up into 24 smaller… Continue reading Eggnog festive muffins – whole wheat version

Chocolate shortbread cookies with pretty icing

There is something so nice about baking cookies at Christmas time. Cold out, getting dark so early, the smell of something baking in the oven helps to cheer the senses and brings that calm feeling of being grateful for the little things we can do at home, so many of them. Peace, space, sense of… Continue reading Chocolate shortbread cookies with pretty icing