Back pork ribs marinated in beer

I thought we should celebrate spring arrival making something to give us a preview of the coming summer: our favorite pork ribs! I've been using this recipe for so many years that I have never even tried another one. I adapted it from a Food Network recipe, but so long ago that I can't find… Continue reading Back pork ribs marinated in beer

Chicken pot pie with a puffy crust

This is the best puffy crust chicken pot pie ever! I got this recipe many years ago from the Food Network, they said it was provided by professional chefs and had been scaled down from a bulk recipe provided by a restaurant. They hadn't tested it nor mentioned any credits. I've been improving it over… Continue reading Chicken pot pie with a puffy crust

Light creamy chicken soup

Weekend ahead of us, time to catch up with life and enjoy the coziness of home while the outside temperatures keep falling down. And then nothing better than a hearty and homy soup, creamy enough to make for a simple and nice Saturday dinner, with maybe some fresh bread, a green salad and a glass… Continue reading Light creamy chicken soup

Oven baked light super tasty chicken meat balls

It seems that meat balls are one of the 25 most searched recipes in North America according to "The Kitchn". I would never guess they are so popular. Probably because of their soft texture that goes so well with a thick tomato sauce and pasta. We call it "almondegas" in Brazil and the original recipes… Continue reading Oven baked light super tasty chicken meat balls

A “wow” entrée ready in less than 20 min! veal chops in reduced balsamic

Veal chops in reduced balsamic It is so nice when you're running out of time to cook dinner and find something in your freezer that turns out to be a great inspiration. All of a sudden your normal and plain meal becomes a fancy dinner. Better yet, you have it ready in less than 20… Continue reading A “wow” entrée ready in less than 20 min! veal chops in reduced balsamic